Starburst Pelargonuim – Pelargonium luridum

dsc00241I was amazed to see this pelargonium growing in the disturbed soil in front of our home. We still have a lot of bare patches of sandy soil around the house just over a year after we moved in as we didn’t see much growth due to severe drought in 2015-2016. However we have been blessed with good rains in November/December 2016 and it appears to be continuing in January this year as well.  I am hoping that the 2kg of indigenous veld grass seed that we sowed around the house will start to cover these bare patches.

dsc00255The tuberous woody root stock of the Starburst Pelargonium grows in damp grassy areas and produces pale pink/beige flowers on long waving stems. I also found two more plants next to our entrance road which follows the river course for a few hundred metres.

dsc00258The pseudo-umbel grows about 600mm tall and flowers may appear from October through to February. Up to 60 flowers may be present on each umbel with each flower measuring 20 – 25mm in diameter. The umbels may measure up to 140mm across.  The flowers may vary from creamy-white, through beige-yellow to a pale pink.  Some authors describe the colour as a drab yellow which is taken from the Latin epithet luridum which means smoky, sallow or pale yellow.  The plants at HeatherTon are a very pretty pale pink which is maybe not really representative of the species.

dsc00256The basal tuft of leaves may vary in their lobed appearance in both shape and size. 100–180 mm wide by 100–130mm long.  The leaves and petioles are also softly hairy.


pelargoniumfairyA little whimsy – Buttercup Reedwitch

She plays reed pipes and sings spellbinding songs. She lives in clover fields where fairy rings grow. She can only be seen in the enchanted moment between sleep and waking. She wears bright clover green and has deep green butterfly wings.